Nameless to Notable Masterclass 

"How do I get editors and journalists to listen to me? I keep trying and trying, but nothing works."

Sound familiar?

You draft an e-mail or pitch letter, and you make sure you have it exactly how you want it. Every word is chosen with care. Your confidence is off the charts. You have a list of 50 different editors at the top news outlets or magazines where you want to be featured.

You hit the ‘send’ button.

And you wait. And wait...

But you never get a response. So, you find ten more contacts, and a little more unsure of yourself, you send out ten new emails.

Once again, no response.

Now what? How can you get an editor to feature you or your product—let alone respond to a simple message? When will it be your turn to get the exposure you know can take your company to the next level?

The answer is simple. It can all start now—if you're willing to do what is necessary to succeed.

My name is Kristin Marquet. I’m former owner of the PR firm, Creative Development Agency, and I've spent the last 12 years helping launch or grow more than 250 small businesses just like yours.

When I first started out as a PR manager for a law firm, I didn't have any idea how to approach an editor or television producer, or how to write a pitch. All I had was a fancy bachelor's degree from a fancy school in English Literature and an entry-level staff job.

I used to be exactly like everyone else who didn’t know anything about PR. But I can remember the precise moment when everything changed…

During the first month of my entry-level job, I was sitting at my desk when one of the managing partners marched up to me, and said he wanted to get some publicity for a "high-profile" case he was working involving a public official. He told me that he expected to get media coverage in the biggest news outlets in the country - like the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Fox News. You name the publication—he wanted it.

I started to look over the case file he gave me, eager to read all about the details of this "high-profile" case. There was indeed a well-known public official involved. But the case was about a land dispute. It wasn't even interesting.

It was BORING.

I was so confused . . . I couldn't think of any reason any news outlet would possibly cover this. My stomach dropped to the floor and I started to sweat bullets. How was I going to pitch this to anyone?

After a few minutes I calmed down enough and tried to figure out who to contact. I tried Googling the right editors' names, but couldn't find much of any help. (Remember, this was back in 2006 so social media was non-existent!)

After a full day of calling newsrooms and scrutinizing mastheads, I was finally able to get some of the contact information for the internal departments I needed. But that was only the first step—I still needed to draft my pitch.

I spent the next two days thinking about all of the facts and legal issues that the attorneys had given me, and finally sent all my pitches out at 9:00 AM sharp. I must have contacted thirty people.

Sitting at my desk excited and nervous, I got an immediate response. I was practically giddy. Then I opened the email…

The message was a grand total of one word.

It said, ‘Pass’.

I am not kidding—that's exactly what it said. ‘Pass’.

It was the only response I received until 4:00 PM, when I got a phone call from an editor. He asked me if I could get a quote from the public official.

"I'll have to check with the attorney in charge of the case," I offered.

He practically snorted into the phone. "Forget it then. My deadline is in twenty minutes. I don't care what the attorney has to say. That's not NEWSWORTHY."

And just like that, he hung up on me.

It was at that moment I realized I couldn't have been going about things more wrong if I tried.

Although this case was extremely newsworthy, I didn't know how to present it in a newsworthy manner.

No wonder I was struggling.

For so long, I'd heard that only publicists and PR managers who had very strong relationships with editors and journalists could get media coverage. But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Once I unlocked the tricks of the trade, and honed my pitches to make sure they were compelling and newsworthy, I started getting amazing results virtually overnight.

Ever since I started my own company, I’ve been able to secure that same amazing national media coverage for clients across all industries.

Throughout the years, I’ve had countless entrepreneurs ask me for one-on-one media coaching, but only a few can actually afford it.

But now, for the first time, in order to help everyone get the media coverage they deserve, I've created the Nameless to Notable masterclass.

The Nameless to Notable masterclass covers every aspect of the publicity process. While it would be impossible to show you all of the benefits this course offers, here's a small sample of what you’ll get and you'll learn after you enroll:

  • Step-by-step system to become a media expert and featured top publications

  • Leverage your Thought Leadership to grow your business;

  • How to cultivate long-term relationships that help you get the attention of editors and lead to writing opportunities instead of being thrown in the trash;

  • Ways to find the right angle that captures the attention of an articles’ editor;

  • How to develop your voice and the simple way to write like a journalist;

  • Tips to writing the perfect subject line that actually gets an editor’s attention;

  • How media coverage can improve your bottom line and how to leverage it to drive growth;

  • Advice on how to use media coverage to build your personal brand that lead to bigger media opportunities, build your sales pipeline, and secure speaking engagements without being self-promotional or annoying;

  • How to write a short bio (or byline) that really sells;

  • A list of media outlets you know that are relevant to your target audience;

  • A series of pitches that you’ve tailored to your target audience;

  • And so much more!

  • How to position yourself as an expert even if you’ve never been in the media before; and

  • Real-life templates I’ve used to get featured in media such as,,, and;

  • 100% self-paced and online;

  • Very Affordable;

  • Money-back guarantee;

There’s a learning curve but this masterclass will help shorten the process.

When I started gaining media coverage, my business started to grow fast.

  • The media mentions I generated in and led to many other opportunities such as feature stories on the,, and columns on and

  • I built an email list of 100K subscribers.

  • I have guest lectured at some of the world’s leading universities and conferences such as New York University and SheLeads.

  • And most importantly, I’ve been able to maintain a full pipeline of clients for more than a year at a time.

If you’re looking to build your thought leadership, then the Nameless to Notable masterclass is customized for you!

In this masterclass, I answer questions such as:

  • Can I use Twitter or Instagram to pitch an editor or should I use email? Is it appropriate to pitch an editor via telephone?

  • If I am featured in an article in the publication I want to write for will that help me get in as a guest contributor?

  • Will having an email list or a large social media following help me become a contributor?

  • What’s the best way to build relationships with the media?

  • Will knowing other contributors help me get into that publication?

What the Masterclass offers:

This masterclass is loaded with usable and actionable content, including, videos, checklists, workbooks, and templates. You can use the content as you need—you don’t need to watch every video or read every piece of content.

Please note, this masterclass isn’t the right fit for everyone.

I can’t guarantee you’ll earn a placement at any publication—but I give you the framework you need to create value for editors and their readers.

If your article was published in one top-tier media outlet with the framework that I taught you and it generated one client or helped you increase the size of your email list by 10 percent, how much would that be worth to you?

And just imagine how much a difference a steady stream of media coverage can have on your business? It could be priceless.

Now, if you’re not happy with the results, I also offer a 30-day, no risk money back guarantee. If you show you’ve completed the class and all of the assignments, and you don’t think you’ve gained substantial value, then I will refund your money—no questions asked.

With this type of deal, what do you have to lose?

For many of you, this will be a new start for you—an opportunity to give yourself a fresh beginning.


Once you’ve signed up for the masterclass, you’ll also get one 30 minute call to review your pitch or discuss your media coverage strategy.

Coming November 2019